Exclusive world first “FLAT MAT” series!

Produced and printed in EUROPE & UNITED KINGDOM and shipped globally with care.

What is a Flat Mat?

Our Flat Mats are dye sublimated rubber backed large format floor mats. The topping is a soft fleece like mix and 2mm thick. The Flat Mats are printed in high resolution formulating a digital dye sublimated result. Flat Mats are not to be folded and are designed to be kept rolled out ready for shooting OR rolled up and laying flat (all orders are delivered in a storage tube). Though the Flat Mats are stain resistant they are not intended for cake smashes as the fleece topping may stain containing some icings and/or food colourants.

👉 Vacuum friendly 👉 Cold wash outdoors with a broom & soapy water

Our Flat Mats are available in all our designs and we can also print any custom design you require (please provide proof of ownership of the design and copyright).

👉 1.5mx2.5m 👉 2mx2m 👉 2mx3m 👉 3mx3m

(custom sizes welcome)

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