Finally! The day has come!

6 WEEKS LIVE ONLINE IPS BOOTCAMP is now LIVE and available for purchase

The Online IPS Bootcamp is a new, live 6-week program that will give you the framework and confidence to run profitable in-person sales meetings

You get an instant access to module one, after the payment (full or an instalment)

All details of whats included here:

➡️ Are you not living the life you are capable of and know there’s more to it than “this”?

➡️ Don’t have a huge studio, so don’t believe you could sell plenty of wall art?

➡️ Stopped trying to offer wall art and bother with it, because it’s not selling?

➡️ Your clients only want digitals?

➡️ Can’t afford £££ of samples?

➡️ Done my training and not implemented much?

➡️ Seeing everyone doing well but you can’t go beyond the £1000 mark often?

➡️ Would like to finally save some money towards your pension, but live from one sale to the next?

➡️ Would like to cover the marketing aspect of the business as well as a granular look at sales?

Join The Online IPS Bootcamp and learn all there is to know about IPS. At your own pace or together with the group, during the 6 week long Bootcamp, after which all material and hours of pre-recorded content are yours FOR LIFE!

Find out all the details here:

You’re not going to want to miss out on all of the knowledge waiting for you, like:
  • The 3 things you must know in order to finally start selling products successfully – even if you don’t have a big, swanky studio and tonnes of samples
  • The one thing most people get wrong about in-person sales (and what to do instead)
  • My signature 3-step framework that’s helped countless students achieve the sales they only dreamed of and stop trading time for money
  • Why in-person sales are more important now than ever before (especially if you want to finally earn what you are capable of)
  • How to finally start earning enough so you can finally start putting money aside for your pension
You can choose one of the 3 dates, all same content, so you only need one. Follow the link to sign up. Now this is all new territory to me to use this platform. Apparently it’s much smoother for webinars than Zoom, but bear with me whilst I am finding my feet around it.